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Activate Discount Categories Percentage Limit

Updated on May 4, 2022

Financial Settings / General Settings / Reductions, Discounts & Loans / Discount Settings / Activate Discount Categories Percentage Limit

You can enable here an additional check related to discount amounts. This check will be executed per discount category. In the discount category table, you can set a limit in a form of percentage.

If you select to enable this setting, Classter will make the following check before it saves a financial arrangement. It will group all discount amounts per discount category and it will check if the total discount amount is lower to the limit set in the discount category (as a percentage of the total financial agreement amount).

If it is not lower, then Classter will raise an error during the arrangement save process.

This control will work only if:

  • You set a discount category to discount types
  • You set a limit in each discount category
  • You enable this setting

First, you must have a Discount/Loan category with percentage discount limit selected, as shown below.

Then, you must select this category in Discount/Loan type, as shown below.

So, the general 10% discount has a limit of 10%, if you try to save an arrangement over 10% you will receive a warning.


Setting -> Active

If you add this discount and change the value

You will receive warning and the value will automatically return to 10

Setting -> Inactive

You can change the value and save without restrictions

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