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Allow relatives to edit Students personal data

Updated on May 4, 2022

Main Settings / General Settings/ Student-Parent Portal / Personal Data Management / Allow relatives to edit Students personal data

Selecting this option, enables a new link in the Parents Portal. The link will be presentable in the dashboard main page under the Student name/photo. This link will open a Student personal data form where the parent will be able to modify directly personal data of the Student. (What fields can be modified is configurable in the admission settings / Personal Data Configuration – It is identical to the fields selected for the re-registration process).
Note that this option allows parents to modify the Student personal data. (Figure 1 & 2)

Figure 1


Figure 2


Alternatively, you can disable this option and parents can just modify their children profile data. In this case a back-office employee can be notified and a copy process exist in the Student form in order to access the new data from the Student profile to the normal Student card.

Figure 3


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