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Enable Annual Results Models for Annual Results calculations

Updated on April 22, 2022

Academic Settings / Marking Settings / General Settings / Annual Results / Enable Annual Results Models for Annual Results calculations

Here you define whether the Annual Results Models will be used for the annual results calculations.

When this setting is enabled, the annual result model column appears in the student form, which is automatically selected based on the configuration in the “Default Annual Results Model per Educational Program is given by the combination of” setting, the back-office employee can change it for custom cases.


Setting -> Active

The annual result model is displayed in the educational program of the student.

It is childcare because it is based on Year and Stream of the educational program.

When you adding a new educational program you can choose annual result model, as shown below

Setting -> Inactive

The annual result model option does not exist because the functionality is completely disabled

Note: To create new annual result models, go to Academic Settings / Marking Settings / Dropdown lists / Annual Result Model, as shown below.

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