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Security level for date of birth controls

Updated on December 15, 2022

Admission / Admission Settings / Application Management / Date of Birth Controls / Security level for date of birth controls


This setting works only if the previous setting “Enable date of birth controls” is active.

Here, you define if the control result will be a warning to the end user – or if it will forbid the users to select any of the options for which they do not meet the requirement.


Security level is set to ‘Warning’


The system will warn the applicants, but they will still be able to proceed.

Example: we have a student who is 17 (today date – date of birth)



And we have the application type ‘New Applicant’ with the minimum age limit set to 18.



Then the applicant will still see the application type available, but if he/she selects this type, the system will raise a pop-up warning message (the message is based on the next settings):



The user will be able to proceed since the security level is set to warning.

The same applies to the program limits. If we set up the age limit = 18 to the Master MBA program, for example.

Then the applicant will see the below and he/she will still be able to proceed:



Security level is set to ‘Forbidden’

The system will warn the applicants and will not let them proceed if they don’t meet the requirements.

In the same example as above, the applicant will get the same pop-up Warning in red color and the system will not allow him/her to proceed.

Application type limit:



Program limit:



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