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Criteria can be assigned to multiple assessments

Updated on April 22, 2022

Academic Settings / Marking Settings / General Settings / Assessments & Assignments / New Assessment Configuration / Criteria can be assigned to multiple assessments

Assessments can be associated with multiple marking criteria or outcomes.

In this case the end user does not just provide an assessment overall mark, but he/she should mark each associated criterion.

If this setting is enabled, then any criterion can be associated with multiple assessments.

If it is disabled, a criterion used in one assessment cannot be used by another assessment (of the same Class/Subject per academic year.

Example as Administrator

After filling in all the necessary fields you have to click ”Save” to display the manage criteria button

Click on the ”Manage criteria” button to assign the criteria, as shown below

Setting – > Active

The example demonstrates choosing the Classwork and Homework

In the second assessment you can assign the same criteria that you defined in the first Assessment, as shown below

There are two Assessments below with the same criteria selected

Setting -> Inactive

The example creates a new Assessment and adds a criterion

Classwork and Homework are disabled because they are already being used in another Assessment

To define which aAssessment Type will have criteria, go to Assessment Types in Academic Settings / Marking Settings / Assessment Types

You have to selected the ”Use Outcomes “checkbox

To define which list of criteria will be connected to the Assessment, you have to go in Main Settings / Subjects / List of Subjects / Actions of Subject / Edit > Criteria Model Scenario


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