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Enable a Limit for the Number of Assessments & Assignments per day and or week

Updated on April 22, 2022

Academic Settings / Marking Settings / General Settings / Assessments & Assignments / Assessment Checks & Controls / Enable a Limit for the Number of Assessments/Assignments per day and/or week

Here you can define the type of control related to the number of Assessment or Assignment scheduled by the Lecturers.

This setting allows you to set a limit of Assessments or Assignments scheduled by each Teacher.

This setting also allows for a warning or a strict limit that will forbid Teachers from scheduling an assignment or assessment based on the limits provided.

There is also the option to choose if the limit will be active per Year/Class or active in a general matter for all the selected Classes in the settings


Setting -> Active -> Forbidden

Maximum amount of Assessment/Assignment per Class and per day is 1

One Assessment already exists on 08/09/2021

Setting-> Inactive

If the setting is inactive there is no limit.

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