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Enable Assessments Workflow

Updated on April 22, 2022

Academic Settings / Marking Settings / General Settings / Assessments & Assignments / Assessment Workflow / Enable Assessments Workflow

Classter supports Assessment workflows. You can enable workflows related to:
(1) Content Verification, i.e., Somebody to verify the quality of an assessment, assignment, or exam content.
(2) Publishing, i.e., somebody can approve the publishing of an assessment’s content and date to Students or parents.
(3) Mark Reviewing, i.e., allow the supervisor to randomly evaluate the correct marking of assessments, assignments, or exams.

This is a general setting. However, you need to enable a particular workflow model in each Assessment Type, as shown below.

Example as Administrator

Setting -> Active

The basic workflow is the Exam status, if you want you can activate the other two which are customizable

Setting -> Inactive


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