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How Can I Find Students Enrolled In Another Academic Period | Onboarding Manuals

Updated on October 11, 2023

Dashboard Search Bar


To find Students that are not enrolled in the current active Period of your Institute, you can search them by using the search bar at your Dashboard (Figure 1)

Note to remember: Period = Academic Year


Figure 1


Quick Actions Button


Another way of searching is by using the Quick Actions button at the top right (this button is accessible everywhere, you are not required to be at your Dashboard)

Make sure the “Search only in this period” checkbox is set to Off (Figure 2)

Search for the Student (The Student will be marked with an orange warning mark to indicate that he is not enrolled in the active period) (Figure 3)


Figure 2


Figure 3


Students List – Per Period


Follow the path: MANAGEMENT -> Students -> Students List

And by selecting Students Per Period, you can find Students that are enrolled only in a specific Period or a specific set of Periods (Figure 4)

Filter the Periods by choosing the Academic Year before clicking “Search” (Figure 5)


Figure 4


Figure 5


Students List – Without Period


By choosing “Students Without Period” a list of Students (Figure 6)  that aren’t enrolled in a Period will show up for you (Figure 7)


Figure 6


Other Filtering Options will show up after choosing the “Students Without Period” option


Figure 7


How Classter defines a Student as “enrolled”


In Classter any Student is enrolled in one or more Academic Period. A Student is enrolled in an Academic Period when the Student has an Educational Program enrolled in the specific Period.

The status of the Program enrollment in each Academic Period determines the overall status of the Student for the specific Academic Year / Period. (Figure 8)

If the Student has no Educational Program enrolled, then the Student is not included in any Academic Period. In this case, in Classter, we call those Students as “Students without period”.

Those Students can be found in the list of Students without Academic Period.


How Classter determines the status of a Student that has multiple Educational Programs in an Academic Year

The overall status of a Student per Academic Year / Period is automatically calculated by all enrolled Educational program statuses of the student


Figure 8


Classter works as the following:


If a Student has multiple Academic Programs in a Year and at least one of those has the status of Registered, then the overall status of the Student is Registered

If the Student has no Registered program enrolled, but has at least one program with status of “Admission” then the Student is a Candidate and the overall status is Admission.

Classter will retrieve all programs with status being type of Admission, and it will order them by highest position order. This status will be set as overall Student status for that specific Period.

If there is no Educational Program with status “Admission” then the program status with type of “Alumni” will be used. (if many programs has status of type Alumni, again, Classter will use the status with the highest priority).

If there is no Educational Program with status “Registered”, “Admission” or  “Alumni” then the educational program of type “Deleted/Cancel” will be used.

Otherwise, the program with the highest priority will be used.

Below is where we define the priority of status used in determining the overall status of a Student (Figure 9)


Figure 9


Note: You can change the order up and down by dragging each line. Then you should press “Save Re-ordering” to save your changes.(Figure 10)


Figure 10



How Classter determines the Status of a Student being in multiple Academic Years


  • If a Student is enrolled in multiple Academic Years, and in each Academic Year, the Student has different statuses, then the overall status of the Student is defined based on the status of the Student in the Default Academic Year (current Active Period of Institute)
  • If the Student does not belong in the Default Academic Year, and if the student is enrolled with status “Registered” in any other Academic Year, then the Student gets the status of Registered
  • If the Student does not belong in the Default Academic Year and the Student is not enrolled with status “Registered” in any Academic Year, then the Student gets the status of the highest ranking position of the status list.


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