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Updated on May 4, 2022

Main Settings / General Settings / Student Form/ Checks & Controls / Coming of age

This setting is used by classter to determine if the applicant is a minor or an adult.
For instance, classter will use this field to decide if consents are to be provided by the students or parents.
In the following example the setting is set to be 18.

Logging in as an applicant, the date of birth is set to be 24/08/2005, which means that the applicant is a minor(current date : 25/08/2021. Thus, the consents should not be visible. (Figure 1 , Figure 2)

Figure 1

Figure 2

Now if the applicant’s birthday is changed to a date that makes him an adult (like 24/08/2003), the consents must be visible to him. (Figure 3 , Figure 4)

Figure 3

Figure 4


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