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What is the Purpose of Contact Date and Status Date When I Create a New Student and When I Edit the Students Educational Program?

Updated on May 4, 2022

Option Descriptions: 

Contact Date à The date (in this academic period) that the student contacted as a candidate or showed interested to enroll in this academic program. 

Status Date à the date that the current status (Candidate) changed to another status e.g Registered. 

Start Date à the date that the student starts the educational program 

End Date à the date that the student finishes the educational program 


 A student (or parent) contact our school on July 10th.  

Then we register this student with a status candidate on July 11th  

The student takes a final decision to join the school and it is converted to registered on July 20th 

The educational program will start on Sept 1st and it will finish June 30th  


The dates will then should be: 

Contact Date = 10.7.2019 

Status Date = 20.7.2019 

Start Date =1.9.2019 

End Date = 30.6.2019 


The Start / End dates are filled in automatically using the start and end date of the Educational program as it is defined in the Year entity e.g 2019-2020. 

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