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Disable attendance taking for the following Timetable Categories

Updated on April 22, 2022

Academic Settings / Attendance Settings / Attendance Settings / General Settings / Basic Settings / Disable attendance taking for the following Timetable Categories

This setting allows you to define if one or more Timetable Categories will not be used in the Attendance Taking forms.
Please note that you are allowed to create multiple Timetable Categories in Classter (e.g., Normal timetable and afternoon timetable or timetable for holidays period).
When you register an absence in Classter , you always have to select a Timetable Category.
Like that a Student may have multiple registered absences per day or period (associated with different timetable categories).
If you set one or more Timetable Categories, when a user submits absences and selects a Timetable Category from a list, this list will not contain the timetable categories specified in this setting.


Setting -> Active -> Main (Figure 1)

The “Main” category will not appear in the dropdown of Timetable Categories

Figure 1

Setting -> Inactive

All categories are displayed normally (Figure 2)

Figure 2


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